Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Maddie & I this morning

Banana's & Elmo; what more could a girl want?

Silly-show-my-teeth-face-for the camera :)

Tummy pic; 6 months

A little tired?

We have had a great Mother's Day. Gabe has made me all of my meals for the day and they've all included my favorite things. We had (lots) of pancakes, bacon and fruit for breakfast. Then we went to an awesome church service and Maddie went to play with "the kids." That's what I say to her when we're going somewhere that other kids will be and now that's what she calls kids, of all ages, whenever she sees them. It's funny and reminds me of a story of what I called my brother and sister when I was young. Anyways, for lunch we had grilled sourdough, muenster, tomato and basil sandwiches and apples. Then, I had a break to go and get a pedicure. I'm so bad at choosing a color and the color I chose is really pretty, but then I got home and I already messed up two different toes! Such a bummer for me because now it's bugging me and I'm sure I won't be able to just let it go :) So, dinner is soon and we're having Gabe's famous Carnitas tacos. Very excited to eat and definitely worth the heartburn I'm probably in for. We're having a serious storm right now; lots of rain, a little thunder. It's been a great day and earlier we were saying that at this time next year we'll have a 2 and a half year old and an 8 month old! Hard to imagine 4 of us instead of 3, but I've heard it said that once the 4th gets here, you don't remember life without her.
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Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures Sarah. :) Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day and got to relax and pamper yourself. Pedicures must have been on everyone's mind for this weekend because I had one and two of my friends got them also. ;) Are you enjoying the rain?? More like winter than summer...oh well enjoy it while it lasts before the too-hot sun arrives. Hope to see you this week during one of the dry patches or else indoors at Gymboree (what a great place!) Take care girlies, Siobhan and Aibha and Aisling :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics. Sounds like a great Mother's Day for you guys! And funny thing, since I was with our Mom I actually wore the same I Heart Mom shirt you have in the pics that you got us last year. I think that is funny that 3,000 miles away we were thinking alike.
love to you and Gabe, Maddie and Sophie.

SARAH said...

NO ONE'S BEEN COMMENTING, so THANK YOU Ladies!!! Makes me feel like it's all worthwhile. Lizzy, I was sad I didn't hear from you yesterday :( Siobhan, I'm glad to see you've decided on a name! Now it's official because it's on the blog :) We'll be at open gym on Wednesday for sure.

Anonymous said...

don't give up blogging! We love seeing pictures of all of you - Sophia included! I was going to comment about you and Elisabeth wearing the same shirt - which I loved!! Glad you had a great Mother's Day - I did as well. It was fun seeing Elisabeth and Justin. The rest of the day Jer and I worked in the yard:) We are getting ready for our first real garden in more than five years and I can't tell you how excited I am. Sorry that my trip was canceled but we'll figure something out soon. Love you - MOM

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the meltdown today. Hopefully we'll be having a better day the next time we see you both. Talk soon, Siobhan and Aibha

SARAH said...

She's almost 3 and I'm sure "meltdowns" are sort of the standard for that age. No need to apologize. I just hope you got some sort of a rest yesterday for you and Aisling :) I think we'll do open gym tomorrow afternoon if you guys are interested.