Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Last night was Sandy & Carlos' 30th wedding anniversary so the whole fam got together to go out and celebrate. We had a great dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Crystal City and Gabe, Eric (Patrice's boyfriend) and I shared a really delicious bottle of wine from where else? The Russian River Valley. It was called Belvedere and we really liked it. Maddie stayed home and our friends Bobby & Shannon stayed here to "watch" her. There wasn't much watching involved because she was already sleeping when they came :) But, it was nice to get out for a night without her-I don't know if they even have highchairs at that restaurant.. Here is the pic from last night-sorry in advance if you are a person with your eyes closed!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pic's of the Week

Date Night in DC at John Mayer Concert
Maddie Today in her checkered pants :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thank God that's over!

Good Morning,
It's Friday (yeah) and I had my MRI about 4 hours ago. It was freaky!!! I hope I never have to do that again. They put these headphones on so you can listen to a radio station, but they have to really turn them up because the MRI machine sounds like a jackhammer when it's working. They gave me this little ball thing that I could squeeze if I was feeling too claustrophobic and I almost squeezed it like a hundred times. Right when I was actually going to say "let me out of this coffin" I started moving out because it was over. Nightmare. I did take the Valium this morning, but I think I took it too close to when I was getting the MRI because I DID NOT feel relaxed whatsoever. I think I may know what a panic attack feels like. So, it's done and I treated myself for surviving by getting some Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home (sugar can cure anything :) Maddie and I don't have that busy of a day. It's really hot here so we'll probably go over to Sandy and Carlos' and swim. We don't have much planned this weekend which is nice. Tomorrow morning Maddie and I are going the farmer's market again. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You know you're almost 30 when...

You're scheduling MRI and physical therapy appointments!
Yesterday I went to the doctor for my neck again and we've decided (she told me to) to get an MRI and then also start physical therapy. It seems like a lot for me to deal with. I'm sort of just going through the motions of what I need to do to feel better, but then I get freaked out because this is my spine and neck we're talking about. I really like my doctor though. She was saying yesterday that she is really big on "conservative medicine" meaning that she doesn't just jump to surgery. I like that because I'm way too scared to have surgery, never mind the fact that it would be on my neck! So, I called to schedule my MRI which is on Friday at 7am. The scheduler asked me if I'm claustrophobic and I said no. Then I thought for a second and realized that I'm pretty unsure in most elevator situations, as well as if I'm wrestling with someone and they hold my arms to where I can't move them. (Wrestling hasn't happened in a loooooooooooong time, but the thought of not being able to move my arms makes my heart palpitate). So, then I asked the scheduler, "what happens if I am a bit claustrophobic?" and she told me I'd need to get a sedative from the doctor. Valium, here I come! I'm not chancing how I'll feel and since I already have a couple of Valium left over from when my neck couldn't/wouldn't move, I think I'll just take the "high" road.
Physical therapy starts on Monday for an hour at a time and it's right down the street. They want me to strengthen the muscles around my neck to hopefully take the pressure off of the painful area. We shall see. I'll keep you posted. Please think of/pray for me on Friday-I'm a little scared :(

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Weekend in Pictures

Maddie being crazy

Daddy & Maddie

Mad & Ella sharing puffs

Ella's 1st Birthday Party

Ella made out like a bandit!!

We had a great weekend. Yesterday was Ella's first birthday party, then we came home and ordered thai food (it was awesome). Today we woke up early as usual and Gabe, the 2 dogs, the baby and I went down to the Potomac River and took a nice walk. It was a beautiful morning! Later on, Gabe watched golf and the baby, and I headed to church. It was great and I realize the reason I like this church so much is because I don't feel even the slightest bit out of place. Gotta love it :) This afternoon it was a family trip to Whole Foods Market and then home. Baby is sleeping now and we're relaxing. I'm off to the neck doctor again tomorrow-wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A manicure & pedicure can fix...

Anything!!! So, today, that's what I did. Well, I was supposed to go see the neck dr. again. So, I checked my day planner and I had written the appointment was at 9:30am. But, then I found the card the receptionist had written and it said 1:30pm. I was confused. I called and then said it was at 9:30am (oh did I mention it was already 9:15 at this point). So, I told her there was a mistake and my husband couldn't get home in time to watch the baby, so she said I could come at 11:15. Fine. Now, Gabe comes home, I head off. Freedom. I get there on time and secretly hope the doctor is running a little behind, because I can use that time to actually look through magazines (something that's hard to do with a 9 month old hanging on to you). Well, a little behind turns into a half an hour and I'm still in the waiting room! So, I politely ask if I can just reschedule and next time bring my baby with me? She says "Oh yeah, bring that baby wit' you. No problem." Here I am thinking to myself that I made Gabe come home to watch her and it didn't even matter in the first place-she could have come. I do this a lot. I think that Maddie can't go where I'm going and that I need to find time to go places without her. I don't know why I do this. I think it's because I'm always thinking "she's probably not allowed there." But, as of today, I'm thinking differently. I'm bringing her. I mean, not if it's inappropriate; not to a movie, or a fancy restaurant, or the hair salon. Don't get me wrong. I bring her everywhere. We run errands nonstop, but there's just some times when I don't think she's allowed and today I was proven wrong. You may be wondering what this has to do with manicures and pedicures. Not much, only that right when I left that doctor's office and I knew Gabe was home with Maddie, I drove myself over to the nail shop and got a mani and pedi. I picked the color "California Raspberry." It's my favorite :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What came first...The Chicken or the Egg?

Well, in our house, it was the chicken-rotisserie to be exact. Then, today, Maddie ate scrambled egg. She LOVED it and was irritated that after she swallowed, it took me too long to put more in her plate! She's crazy, but I love her. Last night scared me a little. Gabe and I were watching TV in bed and it was around 10pm. All of the sudden, Maddie was screaming. It freaked me out. I went to her and she still seemed out of it, so I knew she'd had a bad dream. I was really hoping she wouldn't get that trait that I seem to have; but it looks like she might have. I held her, changed her and offered her food and she went right back down to sleep. I was so sad for her. It made me realize how much I NEVER want anything bad to happen to her. I never want her to be sad, scared, alone, unsure, hurt... the list goes on. But, then I thought, that's part of life. You know? Having bad dreams and waking to find that they aren't real. Or, being alone and learning that that feeling is not scary and actually really peaceful. That's a hard spot for a mom. Wanting to protect, but also wanting them to experience so that they learn things for themselves. I know, I know, she's only 9 months old-but what else am I supposed to think about? We are off to Gymboree. Haven 't been in over 2 weeks because of the trip to Idaho. If you want to participate...the question for today is: As a mom, what do you worry most about in terms of your children (grown or small)?

Sunday, July 15, 2007


It's Sunday evening and Maddie just went to bed. What a weekend we had. We woke up early (as usual) and went to our local farmer's market on Saturday morning with Maddie's Grammy Sandy. It was really busy, but we bought lots of fruit, a strawberry jam, and a foccacia bread that was amazing with dinner last night. Today, Gabe watched the baby while I went a tried a Christian church I wanted to check out. It was great. Gabe says he'll go with me next weekend. It was a recommendation by Claudia because her best friend Priscilla goes there. It reminded me of a church I used to love back home. Then, the three of us met back up and yo estudio mi espanol. Maddie napped and I read. Then we went swimming and bbq'd. It's been busy but great.
I hope your weekend was great too and that you found time to be with your family in some way. It's funny, but sometimes just all being together in the same room, with good attitudes is all you need to feel re-charged. But, did I mention, I'm exhausted...
Lots of Love from me to you :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pollo para mi hija :)


As many of you can see, I'm learning Spanish. It's so much fun. I have class 2 nights a week and I feel like I'm learning a lot. The title of today's entry, however, has to do with Maddie. Yesterday was her 9 month check up. She had 2 shots :(, very sad, and then we talked with the doctor. She told us that Mad has the go ahead for eating lots of different table foods! I was thrilled. My life may get a little easier in terms of what I have to cart with me everytime I leave the house? Yessss. So, the first food the doctor mentioned was rotisserie chicken-just pull small amounts off and make sure they're super soft and offer it to her. Well, guess what? Maddie ain't no vegetarian:) She loved it! Hence, the title "Pollo para mi hija" (chicken for my daughter). She ate chicken 2 times yesterday. Also, some strawberries, peaches, and her puffs. It's so fun to watch her seem really unsure of what's in her mouth, and then decide it's good and swallow it. She's still in the 10th percentile (miniature) and her stats were: 16lbs & 26 1/2 inches long.
Tonight she will try a little pasta de Nardi and some spinach... wish us luck.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back from Vacation

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Good Morning,
Well, we are back from our looooong vacation in Idaho. We had a blast and we were having so much fun, that we stayed an extra 2 days and came home on the 4th of July. We were at Hayden Lake, ID at the beginning of the trip and then we went to McCall, ID for the second half of the trip.
We: ate well (carnitas), played games (masta of canasta), drank wine (magnum of Silver Oak), played with babies (happiness), played tennis, rode in boats (speed and pontoon), watched Lizzy tube (great video), fished (is Gabe fishing again?), shopped (smallest mall EVER), went out on the town in Couer D'Alene (darts & pool), celebrated Mom's 50th (loved the necklace), cooked, napped, read (finished 2 Anne Lamott books), saw a wolf (with a collar), smoked fish (trout the boys caught), laughed (Justin Hill & the Yak/"who needs the Bucket?") and talked. (Scroll down to see pic's with captions)
I would have blogged sooner, but something happened to my neck and I cannot move it. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine: I was very loopy last night and Gabe told me to go to bed :)
There's something to be said about coming home from being away. It's awesome! You have your own bed, kitchen, dogs, etc. It makes you appreciate everything so much more. Before we left for Idaho, I was sooo ready to get out of here, but now I'm glad to be back. Gabe is at dog shows today and then later tonight I'm going to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert in DC with his sisters, Patrice and Janie. It's going to be so much fun.
More to come...