Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Pictures...

Go Redskins!

Funny Face

Tired Mommy & baby

Tired Daddy & baby

Maddie today before we left for school :)

Just wanted to say that we're doing really well. Maddie is loving going to school and Grace is allowing us to get just enough sleep at night. We sleep in shifts, but at least we sleep! We are in planning mode for Maddie's 2nd birthday which is here next week! And we are getting ready for the girls' dedication ceremony which is next weekend. Lots to celebrate around the Mejias house :) I'm trying to take it easier than I have been; my midwife told me to yesterday. It seems that even though I feel great, I've been doing a bit too much too soon and I need to slow down. Hard to do with a newborn and a 2 year old, but I'm trying. Thank God I have a helpful hubby :) Speaking of Gabe, I'm so proud of him and really in awe. Today he celebrates 6 months sober!!! Actually, we celebrate 6 months. We've come to learn it's a family thing and I think we've done/are doing a lot of hard work. Gabe's sobriety is a miracle and to be able to see an actual miracle is a true blessing. It's a great day all around.


MOM/Carole said...

Congratulations to Gabe on his six month anniversary of being sober. I'm truly grateful that he made that choice and proud of you both for the choices you are making to ensure a loving and safe home for Maddie and Gracie. Using the word miracle is right on in describing all that has transpired in the past six months. My hopes and prayers are that you continue to love and support each other as you walk through this world together. All my love - MOM

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures! I like how the little girl on Maddie's outfit looks like Maddie! She is really looking like a 2 year old now! Wow, how quick these girls of ours have grown. Kudos to you and Gabe for all of the hard work you have been doing on sobriety, it is truly at testament to your strength as individuals and a family. Every day is truly a blessing and I love you guys to pieces! Hope to see you this weekend! Lex

Uncle Eddie said...

Blog's are the best. It is a bit difficult viewing the photo's. Not sure if it is my dial-up connection or my O/S, Windows 95?
:) Any hints...

All kidding aside, we are so proud of all that the two of you have accomplished together. A comfortable place to call home, two beautiful and healthy children, and the awesome decision to "give it up!"

It seems like only a few years ago that I was parked on your front lawn at 500 E. Zeering in Turlock, CA. You may remember the pale yellow car with all 3 of you inside. Now, here you are Sarah with two of your own.

We are so happy for you and Gabe and completely support the decisions you have made. Life changing and wonderful! Know that you are loved and missed in CA. God Bless all of you and keep up the good work!

Uncle Eddie (aka Edwin, Big D, DJ, Stugotz, etc.) and Auntie Laura

SARAH said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! Mom, we can't wait to see you again next weekend! Lex, you noticed what I wanted to do which was to have Maddie's hair match her outfit :) So perceptive... Uncle Dave & Auntie Laura- thanks for taking the time to see the blog. We have made some changes around here and they have all been for the better! Thank you for your supportive words-they mean so much. I remember the "pale" yellow car very well :) We love and miss you.