Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gotta get a new cleaning lady

This has been on my mind for, oh say, about 10 months (if not more). Our cleaning lady is also an employee at dog school and that makes the "firing" of her a little trickier than letting a stranger go. Here's the point and let me know if you agree. We have asked her to come at 12pm every other Wednesday. This has been the schedule for at the least the 2 and half years that we've lived in our home. Each time she shows up, it's at a different time. Sometimes as late as 2pm!!! That is impossible to deal with. I have 2 kids that definitely need naps and so I had asked her to come at 12pm because I thought she could clean before they needed to sleep. Well, since she comes late, more often than not, one kid is sleeping in the basement and one is sleeping in her room. This means that the entire basement, a bedroom, and one full bathroom doesn't get cleaned... and I still pay the same amount of money! That seems like a rip off. Can I get an Amen? So, the plan that we sort of forged today is to have Gabe tell her tomorrow at dog school that we are tight on money (isn't everyone?) and that I'll just do the cleaning for now. And, it's partially true. I do A LOT of cleaning on a normal basis (OCD anyone?) and for what we pay her we could probably get a whole crew of cleaners to do it in half the time and on time-which would seem like a luxury! So, that's the plan. It's hard to cut ties like this, but it's been irking me for so long and today I'm definitely at my rope's end. That's what happens when you're up with your chronic coughing daughter til 10pm at night all the while debating if going to California next month will even be doable? If she isn't better, then the trip seems too hard from the get. For example, how are we supposed to fly on a plane for 6 hours if she needs a neb treatment every 4 hours? Confusion and anxiety do not make for restful sleep. Sorry for the complaining- really trying to work on that!


Laura said...

Yeah, I don't tolerate lateness/unreliability either, I can't imagine how hectic it would be to be juggling two kids and have to worry about that also. You are making the right decision... oh how I wished I had a housekeeper now! lol I've been fine up until the last few weeks where I've had to slow down because I'm getting so big and uncomfortable. I literally have to get on my hands and knees to clean the bathroom floors because I can't just bend over, and then I get stuck down there and it takes me a while to get back up. ;)

I'm doing great BTW... I had a doctors appointment yesterday and a testing at the hospital today and everything looks perfect!! I hope you guys do get to come out and that Maddie gets better. I got to see Alexa and meet Ella on Monday, we met for coffee. She's going to try and come by my shower on Sunday too if they can swing it before heading to the airport. It was really nice seeing her, it's been sooo long, I really missed it. I can't wait to see you too! :)

Mom aka Nonnie said...

Amen but you have to come to California. We'll figure something out and you have another month before the flight and Nonnie has faith that she will be ready for travel by then. Hang in there - love you and love the pictures of the precious girls.

Anonymous said...

You're right Sarah. Your priority is the two girls and their schedule needs to be maintained, along with what's best for them and for you. This is obviously not working as having an extra hand around the house is supposed to make your life that little bit easier and not create problems for you. It is unfortunate that there is a connection with the lady but I think you've a good idea and should try it. In the long run if it makes you happier then it's worth the little bit of awkwardness and embarrassment right now. As for Maddie, I hope this new diet works for her and that you will be able to go to California. Much as we'll miss having our girls around ;) I know your Mom and the rest of your family would be really disappointed. Head up and away you go ;) Talk to you about meeting if not tomorrow maybe Saturday?
xxx Siobhan
(Yeah for the blog renewal btw, I missed it) :)

Raina said...

I'm totally having a similar situation with our cleaning lady (who also does some accounting for us at work, which makes it complicated). We should talk!