Friday, January 22, 2010

Knitting & Baking

Ever since I've returned from California, some things have changed. When I was home I picked up a pair of knitting needles that I hadn't touched in at least 3 and a half years; you know, since I was pregnant with Maddie. Watching my mom knit with every spare second she had created a longing in me. A longing to create; to use my hands in a useful way; to feel something organic (yarn) between my fingers and knit it into something...So, I asked her for some needles, chose some yarn (which ended up being the very yarn my mom had chosen to buy when knitting rekindled it's flame in her heart a few years ago!) and had at it. By the end of my trip, I had completed a scarf which I'm very proud of-no holes!! Since coming home, I've just finished a little square piece where I tried a new stitch and also a pattern for the first time. It came to an end a couple of days ago and has only 1 hole!! Still impressive, right? So, now it's onto the big guns; a baby blanket. This particular blanket has no baby in mind (not my way of saying I'm pregnant: I'm not) but at least it will turn into something...useful.
Bread making also piqued my interest while home. I had tried a loaf here in Virginia before I traveled but it didn't rise. I baked it anyway and the nicest thing to say about it is that it was dense. In CA I got some better recipes, and perfected my kneading skills. I baked one perfect loaf and since being back, have baked at least 3 more. It's SO MUCH FUN! I just love watching all the ingredients coming together to make something so delicious. It feels like an accomplishment every time another loaf comes out of the oven.
Felt like I needed to share that since it's been making me very happy lately. Guess I really was meant to be a homemaker? :)

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Anonymous said...

I think that's awesome. I am jealous. It took me a year to finish my first scarf. But you are inspiring me big sis. As always!
Love ya,