Monday, December 13, 2010

Day....Who Knows?..

I've been exhausted lately....physically & mentally. Just sort of drained. Maybe it's the season, maybe it's therapy, or maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older. Seriously. Every time I see myself in a mirror I feel a little alarmed at the fact that I have definitely aged. (This isn't being said to have all of you comment how great I look either.) Honestly, for the first time in my life I'm looking into tired eyes (with the dark circles to prove it), fine lines and gray hair. It all seems so vain but at the same time, it's bugging me. Gone are the easy beautiful days of youth. I know it didn't happen overnight but part of me feels like it did. I want to embrace this getting older; but I'm not sure how. I know in the grand scheme of things, this is not a "problem" but it's something I was thinking that all women have to come to terms with at some point; The idea that I'm not the youngest/cutest/skinniest/whatever-ist in any given room and being okay with that. Not only being okay with it, but really embracing it. Clearly I'm a work in progress :)


Anonymous said...

Well I am going to say you are beautiful no matter what. And also with your age, while it may be hard to face ;), has come many things like your girls and life lessons etc. And if we don't age you and I never get to the point where we live together in our 90's.

Chronicles of Momnia said...

oh yes...the age-old dilemma (no pun intended). i will say with age does come some measure of peace that i didn't have in my 20s. does that measure up to looking totally hot in a bikini (just stumbled upon an old pic the other day and gasped at what i USED to look like)? i guess it will have to because whether i want it to or's happenin'! hehe.

you do still look like the girls' nanny, though. ;-)