Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 326

The girls got new shoes over the weekend and I love what they chose! They each had a say in what they wanted; their true personalities came out.

Grace knew what she wanted right away; sparkly shoes that light up with
every step she takes.

Maddie needed more time; she considered all the options
and chose the one's with Rainbow laces. I should have known this would be her choice considering every time I give her a pedicure she requests "Rainbow toes!"


Mom said...

so precious! I love that you let them chose and I love their choices. Love to you all - Mom/Nonnie

Anonymous said...

I am glad you blogged on this. The "Rainbow Brites" as you call them, are so awesome. The girl loves herself some color. And of course Grace face picks the lights. So precious. Thanks for sharing!