Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Preparations

On Thursday the girls and I headed to the National Zoo but since we totally forgot it's Spring Break and everyone-under-the-sun was there, we had to leave. I mean, there wasn't even any parking. So, because I saw Maddie's face begin to crumple at the thought of leaving without seeing any animals, I offered to take them to the toy store and let them each choose 1 toy. (This was easy to do because almost all of their toys are in boxes at this point!) We headed to the toy store and each girl was different as to how she chose her item. Maddie had a plan; she wanted the Barbie a friend has. We found it in no time. Grace, on the other hand, wanted to peruse each and every aisle. She finally decided on some toy cars. They were on sale and there was 9 of them! As we headed home, I an idea. I remembered how my Dad would do "picnic's" with us inside the family room, on the ground,on a blanket while we ate a meal. I used to LOVE it. So, I offered up this idea and Maddie was excited! As we dined among Maddie's new Barbie and Grace's new Toy Car collection, I thought to myself "this is the kind of mom I like to be."

*The Collage above shows our Indoor Picnic, The girls enjoying "Resurrection Rolls" and also the egg dyeing fun we had this afternoon!


Laura said...

Love this! You are an awesome mom! :) Love you!

Siobhan said...

Love it too!!! You're wonderful :) We can try the zoo another day. xx

Anonymous said...

You are the kind of mom God created you to be...perfect for Maddie and Gracie! I love that you have a special memory of picnics with your dad =)
Love you all, Clod