Thursday, August 4, 2011

MarkerGate 2011

We went to a crab feast the other night in Maryland at my dear friend, Rosana's, home. It was spectacular! We picked Maryland Blue Crab to our hearts content. While the adults were busy with messy fingers, caked in Old Bay seasoning, the children were...umm...playing. Or so we thought. Us, adults were having a blast listening to music, eating and most of all laughing. We should have wondered at the quiet coming from the playroom; after all there were 6 kids.

One by one they started to appear and each looked a little more marked than the one before. Suddenly Grace appeared and this picture is exactly as she looked. She had drawn all over her face, feet and arms (sticking almost entirely to the right side of her body). She looked a little lost and the only thing I could do was...laugh, and laugh, and laugh. She has never done this before and it was so funny to me. Other parents were, shall we say, upset with their kids; for a minute I thought mine and Gabe's reaction was wrong. But, I thought about the fact that I really like those moments when "kids will be kids" and to me, that's all I really want them to be. :-)


Anonymous said...

"Marker Gate" I love it! I am sure Mr. Nobody started it. She looks beautiful Good for you for laughing. I love this story. And so well written ;)
Can't wait to see your group next week!!!

chronicles of momnia said...

LOVE IT!! yes, as we spoke about, if i could go back...i would have taken a chill pill!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA oh grace face! she is adorable and she looks so big, not like a baby anymore and i love her curls!!! I cant wait to see u guys when you come here to california!!!!