Thursday, November 10, 2011

The other day was beautiful here so I suggested that the girls and I walk to the playground in our neighborhood.  We hadn't ever done it before and I wasn't sure Grace could handle walking that far.  On our adventure, we had a blast. We picked up leaves, looked at fancy painted mail boxes, and stopped for big gulps of water.  At the park, they each played on the swings for a long time; Maddie discovered that way that you can lay on the swing on your tummy and twist the swing in one direction.  When she let go she laughed with glee and yelled "It's like a roller coaster!!!"  It was so fun to watch :)  
Maddie and Gabe have been out of town for almost 48 hours now and I miss them.  Of course I miss my husband but before he left we were both getting on each others nerves a bit so a break is actually kinda nice. But Maddie is another story.  Her laugh is seriously infectious; best laugh around.  I miss her bear hugs and kisses on the lips.  Gracie misses her too.  I can tell she feels kind of lonely in a room all to herself.  

On the other hand, time with just Grace and myself has been pretty wonderful.  We've napped ;), played, eaten and run errands.  It's just me, her and Tucker and it's quiet.  Just a little while ago this evening, she hurt herself.  I was cuddling her to make it all better.  She turned to Tucker and let him kiss her hand and she said "Tucker feel me happy."  I knew she meant, "Tucker makes me feel happy" but her wording was so precious and I didn't want to forget it. 

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