Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

As you can see from these pictures that we were up bright and early (6:45am) and the girls were already dressed in their finery ;)  MJ had no clue what was going on and we realized that the Easter Bunny only brought him bath related toys (hehe)!  So, our day began and I paused to think that Maddie is still such a believer in this Easter Bunny and that made my heart happy.  I realize that these beliefs are not around forever and I really want to enjoy them while they are still "true" in our home.  I love that childhood wonder.  It is beautiful and it's what being a kid is all about. 
Church was wonderful this morning.  The message was a reminder of how much God loves us; each of us. Despite everything we do.  That is a miracle.  I'm thankful today that I have a savior who looks at me with more love than even I have for my children.  That is amazing.  He is Risen!

 Oh praise the one who paid my debt
  and raised this life up from the dead 

 -from the song "Jesus Paid It All"

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