Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Gracie!

Dearest Gracie,

Happy, happy 5th Birthday!  I sort of can and cannot believe that today is your big day.  There are so many things I love about you and I want to remember you just as you are today; the day you turned 5. 

One thing most people who are really close to you know is that you LOVE puzzles.  Not just sort like them, but you love them.  You are amazing at solving them; in fact in takes you no time at all to put any puzzle together.  You also love anything and everything Hello Kitty.  It was the theme of your birthday this year, your favorite Bingo game and any tattoos you are currently wearing.  It is so you.

You are a huge fan of Disney Channel, gymnastics, candy and all poop related humor.  Anyone who spends any time with you also knows that you are truly loving.  You may show a tough exterior but you love like no one else I know.

You spend most all day talking, but you also love just laying with me and chit-chatting.  Your eyes are full of life.  I feel grateful whenever I take the time to really look at them; at you.  I'm so proud of you as a big sister too.  You have grown into that role well and MJ laughs so much when he's with you.  I'm so lucky that you are mine.  Happy 5th my precious girl.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah you really "hit the nail on the head" in your Gracie description. I love her so for all you just wrote.
Love you,