Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Madeline!

Dearest Madeline,
   I'm so excited that you turned 7 yesterday although I cannot believe it to be true.  I think I say it every year, but you truly amaze me.   You have a heart of gold and you love like no one I know.  You are the quickest to forgive and the you have to best laugh around; it is truly infectious.
  At 7 years old you are reading all the time.  Your love for books makes me smile because it reminds me so much of me.  You're talented in art (which does not remind me of me ;) and you love fashion.  You just earned "Principal's Pride" at school and we were so proud of you  because you were the first one in the first grade to be rewarded.
  You have such a strong faith in God and you are open about how much you love Jesus.  This makes my heart smile from the inside out.
  I'm so very thankful for you.  I cannot stress that enough.  You make me a better mom by being such a loving little soul.

I love you!


*Pictures from the Top to Bottom:
1.  Maddie and Mommy at Principal's Pride 10-4-13
2.  A fun Maddie creation! 9-13
3.  Driving me around (A glimpse of things to come ;) Pennsylvania, 9-29-13
4.  Climbing a Japanese Maple Tree at Nonnie's, California, 8-19-13
5.  7th Birthday Dinner (Thanksgiving-style) at our home, Virginia, 10-10-13
6.  2nd Day of School Outfit, 9-4-13



Anonymous said...

Sarah you always capture Maddie perfectly in your blog. She is beautiful inside and out and the pride and joy of her grandma.
Love you,

SARAH said...

Thank you Sandy! She is an amazing little girl :)
Love you too!