Sunday, March 15, 2015

day 52 and day 53


This weekend has been a busy one.  The kind of weekend that makes me just want to sleep all day today, Sunday, which is totally not possible.

Friday night we went to the play at the girls' school.  It was SO good, but also super long.  Then, yesterday we were in a commercial.  Super random how it all came about but it was a long day, and very fun.  Maddie received her first paycheck (yes, it's made out to me, but I'm cashing it for her).  She plans to buy a fish tank and a fish to keep in her room.  I'm happy to hear this, because when she first realized she was going to get $150, she claimed she would be using the money to buy "100 packs of gum!"  Hilarious and a very second grade thing to want to buy.  

Tomorrow is the start of another week.  And at the end of that week, I will be 37.  Cannot believe that age is here.  So much has changed in this year of being 36.  It's actually pretty hard to picture last year's birthday..... But, life moves on and so did I.  Excited to celebrate next weekend :)

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