Saturday, June 27, 2015


Dear Mason,

   Today you are 3 years old and I am elated!!!  Seriously.  Since you were born, I couldn't wait for this moment because it meant I would see the light at the end of the baby tunnel (no pun intended ;)  And it is coming true!  You are ALL BOY, ALL THE TIME.  I say this a lot about you.  You are always climbing, hitting, punching, biting and being aggressive.  You have a really sweet, soft side, but it's only reserved for when you are feeling sick or super shy.  So, basically it's rare.

  You also seem to live on milk and "crail-mix"(aka, trail-mix, aka chocolate).  Only kidding!  You can really make a dent in cheese and crackers ;)  You are too busy to stop to eat, so this is how it works.  What can I say?  You are the 3rd :)  

  We are together a lot and next year this will change for you and me.  I know we are both ready for it, but it's another shift in a shifty sort of year.  And you should know that you are a champ.  You have gone with the flow this year and been amazing; my true sidekick.  Part of this is your intense desire to stay home all the time.  You insist every day is a "stay-home day" and not a day-care day.  It cracks me up.  

  They say a little boy can really grab your heart and I'm here to say that is 100% true.  I am all yours big guy and I am super lucky you're mine.

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Anonymous said...

You are super lucky Sarah because that little boy is one in a million. I loved this blog because you pegged him to a tee! He has my heart through and through and I miss him every day. Love you both (and the girls too of course)!