Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grace's 7th Birthday

Dearest Grace, 
  It has been almost 20 days since you turned 7 and I am usually so much more together than this.  I usually type this note to you on the actual day.  But I realized that with so much going on for all of us, I would let it be okay that this is a little late.  And I am believing that you will see it this way too.  
  You are so amazing.  Let's start there.  You have a giant smile that is just getting better with age.  You have an open heart and you are wise beyond your years.  At your new school you've already make tons of friends-many of them happen to be 2nd graders (even though you are a first grader).  I think kids and adults sense how special you are.  
  You are an avid reader, just like your sister.  You are into Judy Moody books right now and I can often find you curled up in your bed reading, just because you feel like it.  It makes my heart happy to see you doing this.  
  You are my healthiest eater and the one most interested in cooking.  In fact, for Halloween you plan to be a chef.  It is a costume that suits you perfectly!  
  When Maddie turned 7, we had a very special day for her.  Now that you were turning, I thought it fitting that you get your chance to have a limousine just for you.  It was a surprise and the first picture below is of you sitting in the limo for the first time that day.  You were in shock and so excited.  All of the women on the West Coast who love you deeply, made it a point to be there that day.  It was very, very special and it fit your personality to a tee.  
  I'm so thankful for you, Grace.  You make me see things differently, you teach me patience, and most of all you bring me so much joy and pride.  Thank you for being such an amazing little girl.   


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Siobhan said...

How wonderful for Gracie :) I remember that special day and eventful treat with Maddie and can only imagine how big Gracie must have been smiling. We miss you and can't wait to see you all soon. All our love...Siobhan, Aibha, and Aisling xx