Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time flies

Well, we've already been here for 6 days and it is flying by. I knew it would be this way. I always want the days to feel long and the nights short so that I get more "awake" time being here. As I sit here and type this, my view is amazing. I'm looking out onto a quiet country road with green everywhere I look. The grass, plants and the tall-growingl Redwoods surround us here. Being with family has been awesome. Watching my Mom with my Maddie is unlike any relationship I've ever observed. They are connected. The way you want your kids to be with your mom; a dream come true. Tomorrow morning we'll wake up and be off to spend time at my Dad's house. I'll be sad to leave this place; I always am. I'm storing up the memories to get me through until we come back in July...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...It is really nice that you got to enjoy time at home and that Maddie and Grace have "Nonnie" time. Just got off the phone wishing you a happy B-Day and it prompted me to check your blog.
Have a great day ...see ya soon.
love ya

Mom aka Nonnie said...

I just realized I hadn't read your blog since you were here! What a sweet entry. It is an amazing thing to have grandchildren. The connection that I feel with them is unlike anything I've ever felt. It's as wonderful as being a mom but special in a really unique way. One of my great joys is watching you,Gabe, Dan and Jen be parents. The love you all have for the kids is so obvious and I'm so grateful that my grandbabies get to be raised in loving homes. I was truly depressed after you all left. The fun time of having everyone here - all of my kids, their spouses and the babies is truly what makes life seem worth living! The house seems big and empty now but it definitely helps knowing you will be back in July! Thank you all (Sarah, Gabe, Dan, Jen, Elisabeth and Justin and all our babies) for making it work to be here together. I treasure the times we get to do that. With all my love - Mom

SARAH said...

I wrote that sitting in your office one morning when I was there! I'm sad that you were sad, but am also just so thankful for airplanes and webcams and all the ways that we are still so entrenched in each others lives even from great distances. I love you.