Sunday, April 12, 2009


Just wanted to post and say "Happy Easter" to everyone. It's been busy around here for the last week or so; I started a class online (to renew my teaching license), my wedding anniversary, out late to celebrate said anniversary, Maddie's day at the Barn, and now Easter! Lot's going on. Here's a few pic's I wanted to share and also the link to see the California pictures from last month. Be forewarned that there are A LOT of pictures of the ocean (Gabe got carried away...but who can blame him). Today is such a celebration for us and we remember that "He is Risen!"

Click here for California Pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow, all of those California pictures are great, really captures the trip. I love all of them! And the Easter pics are cute too, looks like Maddie cleaned up before she went and became a star on Tv!
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

He is Risen, Indeed

Rosana V. said...

so awesome you are renewing your license! (as if you don't have enough on your plate, right?)