Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'll just lay it out there. I'm scared. I'm terrified. I have "the fear." Tomorrow I have to wake up, get Mad ready for school, get the baby up and feed her and then I have to go get my wisdom teeth taken out. This may be my worst fear. Now, I should be specific here. I'm actually not super scared of the actual teeth pulling; it's the whole anesthesia thing that's getting to me. The what-if's have been haunting me: What if they use so much anesthesia that I have trouble breathing and can't wake up? What if they use too little and I wake up to them yanking a tooth from my head? What if these teeth actually made me wiser? etc. You know, ridiculous, waste of time thoughts. Also, I've never been "put to sleep" as I keep saying, to which my sister said "you are not a dog and your not going to die." Nice sentiment but because I've never been sedated like this, I am fearful. It's that whole unknown thing that's gotten to me. Everyone I tell this to reassures me (in their own special way). As Gabe put it, "I've never heard of anyone dying from getting their wisdom teeth out." So, that thought will carry me through the night into tomorrow then into the oral surgeons chair. If you believe in prayer, please pray for me not only during surgery (11:30am EST) but also for a fast recovery.... Is it okay to say that I want my mommy now?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
I understand completely! There is nothing worse than the fear of the unknown. But this time tomorrow you'll be lying in your bed resting and this will be all over. I felt the same way about my knees and the only thing for it is to just get it over with. We'll take good care of you but it is sure okay to want your Mommy!
Love ya

Greg said...

I can't believe I haven't talked to you before now, but anyway...:( Hope today goes well for you and I will be one of many praying for a speedy recovery for you. xxx Siobhan

Anonymous said...

Now that it's over, just more reassurance of how great it is to be in your Father's hands!

(But it is kinda weird when your mind is occupied with all of the what if's?)