Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh my word..

Where have I been??? It feels like forever since I last blogged and uh, it has been. Life has been pretty busy (whose isn't?) and there are so many times I think of a blog topic and then cannot find time to do it. To cut myself some slack, I do have a lot on my plate right now and prioritizing-wise, blogging falls to the bottom of that list. I have Maddie off at school right now, the house is cleaned (thank you Maid Brigade), and Grace is supposedly napping. I say supposedly because as I type, I hear her little fingers on her doorknob (she can reach it from her crib) trying desperately to turn it. But, she isn't crying. She's just doing her thing. Gabe and Maddie leave tomorrow for the weekend to go do some Dog Showing in MD. They started this tradition last year when Grace was only 8 weeks old and I just wanted to stay here and sleep whenever she did (you know, like a new mom of only 1 baby can do?). So, this year they are off again and it will be just me, Grace Face, and the dogs. Here's the funny thing. I do not know what I will eat while Gabe is gone. Now don't get me wrong. I am fantastic at Taco Night (in fact that's the meal du jour :) but Gabe seriously feeds me every night. I shop, he cooks. It's been that way since we first met. It's awesome! So, in trying to prepare for him to be gone, I just went to the store to get the staples that will get me through til' Sunday afternoon: a whole lotta milk, boxes of cereal and of course a frozen pizza. Based on my food choices a thought just occurred to me: am I a 31 year old mother of two or a 19 year old frat guy? Tough call :)


Siobhan said...

Hilarious :) You'll be wonderful I'm sure. Glad to see you back online as I've really missed seeing you. :( It's been a WHOLE 2 weeks!!! We're pretty much better and if you are how about next Monday? Enjoy your quiet time. xx

Dan Nardi said...

You're shopping list would definitely make any frat guy proud. Have an enjoyable weekend with little Grace, God knows she'll get plenty of sleep :)

elisabeth said...

You are so funny. So great to read an updated blog. I know I have already talked to you twice this week but you always have your interesting insights here. Have a great weekend with Miss Grace, I am sure she will be digging the all alone mom time. I will be texting you a lot!
love you all!