Thursday, November 19, 2009


I catch glimpses of it all the time; she wants to be just like her. She follows closely, watches her even closer and I can see it in her eyes; she longs to be her best friend. When I knew that I was having two girls, I couldn't have been happier. Everyone assumes I want a boy, but to be honest, I really wanted sisters. To me, it's one of the most special bonds I have. So, I continue to watch them. I watch to make sure that Grace's feelings don't get hurt (too often) and that Maddie seeks to include her sister when she can. I try to help them cultivate a relationship that will carry them through some great times and some hard ones in their futures. I'm trying to teach them to watch out for one another, to rely on each other and most of all to trust each other. It's fun to watch and also a big responsibility. But, luckily, I feel up to the challenge!


Laura said...

So sweet! I can't wait till Lucy gets a little brother or sister... not for a little while though! lol
I always wished I had a sister.

Are you guys still planning on coming out here next month? I'd love to get together and have you meet Lucy and catch up on our lives!!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful photos and thoughts. I hope the same for Aibha and Aisling. :)

elisabeth said...

Speaking as one of your sisters, there's nothing better. Love ya!

Rosana V. said...

oh my goodness...grace is getting so big!! love the pictures. i am such good friends with my brother, but growing up i always wished i had a sister too. lucky grace and lucky maddie!

SARAH said...

We will be there next month and we will for sure get together so that we can meet little Lucy ;) So excited! Thanks Siobhan, Lizzy and Rosana. Sisters are so fun, but so are brothers! :)