Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had an awesome time in New York this week. Gabe and I had traveled there in August and most of you know what a nightmare it ended up being for me...So, this trip was redemption! We took the train from DC to NYC (which was SO much better than driving), arrived to our nice hotel and got some lunch (organic deli anyone?). Then, we rested and made our way to the all organic Waldy's pizza. It was delicious and I even contemplated having lunch there the next day! We went to the Phish show in Madison Square Garden (3rd row) and had a really great night of dancing, singing and hanging out with each other. The next day we took off to see the sights: 30 Rock and the Christmas Tree. Even caught a glimpse of Today anchor Natalie Morales as she exited the building. We made our way to The Natural History Museum and got some breakfast in the upper west side. Then it was time to catch our train and head home. We were exhausted but content...and also really excited to get back to our girls. It's so nice to get away, but equally as nice to come back home.


Laura said...

Awesome!! I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Jason and I are planning a night in Mendocino next month, I so look forward to it being just the two of us and being able to sleep in!! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's so great Sar! You spent time in New York at Christmas with your husband, I am so jealous. SO happy you had such a great time.

Siobhan said...

Looks and sounds as if you had a great time :) Very jealous...not quite like my trip to NY but equally refreshing and nice to come home again. xxx