Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 346

All I could do was laugh when Gracie greeted me upstairs this morning looking like this! She used scented markers so she smelled like a great, big Cherry and she thought it was so funny. She even gave herself a mustache! We've had a tough week or so with behaviors around here so it was a welcome tension breaker!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA this is so cute and so Grace! I love you guys so much and miss you a lot! hope that you are feeling better
love gia

Anonymous said...

I mean I know it's bad but look at that face! I bet she tasted the markers too because they smelled so good.
Love her!

Mom/Nonnie said...

like mother like daughter!! Your choice of an art object was my lipstick and besides decorating your body, you also decorated the living room couch!! You are such a BETTER mom than I was. I was so upset with you at the time. It is one of those mom moments I regret. I'm glad you are much more able to be in the moment and enjoy these normal kid "tricks." I apologize 30 years after the fact (you were also two) for over-reacting at the time. As a Nonnie, I love that she is so excited about what she has done. Do you think tatoos are in her future? :) Love to all