Friday, October 7, 2011


  I've been looking at my bookshelves a lot lately.  I found some things recently that had still not been unpacked and they fit right in.  It occurred to me just how much you can tell about someone (me, specifically) from looking at their shelves.  The very first things I noticed were how much I love color as well as pictures.  Color seems necessary.  It also feels brave.  There is sage green, fluorescent orange as well as sparkly red being represented.  Pictures are on another level.  I fell in love with taking pictures at a young age.  I'm not necessarily good at it, but I LOVE to capture moments.  My memory isn't always so great (mommy-brain) and so pictures really help me remember what I've been doing :) 
  The funny thing about my pictures on these particular shelves is that they are almost all part of my life's journey.  The majority of them, are of me and my family.  All of my parents are represented (although I wish the pic's of them were a little more current), my sisters make numerous appearances, Gabe & I are there (pre-kids) and, of course, the Girls.  As I look at the photos of times past, I'm reminded how much I love all of them and how much I know they love me.  Since I believe that one's bookshelves say a lot about a person, it's only fair for me to interpret my own, and I think mine say "Wow!  She is blessed."

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Anonymous said...

Sar, you are very blessed! And you are a blessing to many of us. Love you and your shelves!