Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pajama Day/ Gracie's Dress

We are back from our trip to California!  The girls had been concerned as we left that we may miss Pajama Day at school but lucky for us, it was Tuesday.  Gracie chose jammies that best reflect her interests and Maddie chose the "perfect ones" because they have ponies on them and she's in the pony class! 
Today Grace wore the dress I knit for her.  She was so proud to wear it to school and told her teacher right away that "Mommy made it."  Her teacher was impressed and to be honest, with how long it took me to finish it, I'm proud too :)


Anonymous said...

Adorable. Love the dress. You should be impressed with yourself.

Anonymous said...

You're back online ;) The girls are too cute in their pajamas. Aibha wants horse pajamas right now as a result. She'll be sad tonight ;) The dress is adorable on Gracie and well worth all the effort. Well done you :) xx

SARAH said...

Thanks Guys! She LOVES it so much. It made it all worth while :)