Friday, April 27, 2012

"Beauty Shop"

I've been busy doing chores around the house.  Maddie came up to me and asked me for "a bowl of water so Grace can soak her fingers."  What?!?  I asked what they were planning to play in the basement and she, very matter-of-factly replied "Beauty Shop."  Please understand that I've never taken them to the beauty shop.  Sure, they know I go there.  I get a pedicure regularly.  But there is something very perceptive about Miss Maddie. I went downstairs a few minutes ago to check on the progress and the pictures above show what I found. 
Several things stand out to me in these pic's.  1) Maddie is taking her job very seriously.  She's really getting in there and working to make Grace's feet beautiful!  2) Grace is EATING IT UP.  She is thoroughly enjoying herself and the relaxation that comes with someone making your toes look better.  And finally 3) I don't know how she knows this, but Maddie even brought in a few books/magazines for Grace to peruse while she's being serviced!  This cracked me up the most :-)
Madeline sure is growing up.  We registered her for Kindergarten this morning.  It was bittersweet (but heavier on the sweet).  Life is about to change in more ways than one. 


Anonymous said...

Adorable! :) Thanks so much for spending time with us this weekend. It was a blast! See you next weeekend. Cli might come along. xx Siobhan

Anonymous said...

adorbs. Love them.

chronicles of momnia said...

aaaw! ms. maddie growing up -- kindergarten. wow! you are going to love it. kindergarten and first grade is so much fun. you enjoy your child in such a different way. with mar, we can go on bike rides together, swim, play tennis, etc. and to see her plow through chapter books? amaaaze. enjoy your big girl!