Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dresses & Inchworms

This week seemed to fly by!  The girls and I found a great deal on dresses this week so that's why I took a pic of them before school Monday.  They looked so cute!  Then, the big thing on the playground at school were inchworms.  I took pic's of the ones we have brought home and are now living in a jar next to our coffee pot :)
On another note, I had a doctors appointment this week and everything is going along as it should.  Mason gave a huge kick while we were listening to his heartbeat.  Even Gabe saw my whole tummy jump from across the room!  I've got 9 weeks until my due date and 7 weeks until he's considered full term.  Time is ticking down.  I'm working on the nursery every day and will hopefully have pictures of the finished product this week.
Happy Sunday!


Rachel said...

Such cuties!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!! Where was the deal?? ;) I know some girlies who love dresses. Are you around any afternoon or morning that the girls could get together? As you say it's getting closer and closer to the wonderful day and maybe then you'll give me your girls to play so you can hang out with the men in your life ;)
xx Siobhan

Anonymous said...

love maddies face looking at the inch worm made me smile and laughout loud:) a perfect break from studying! miss u soooooooooo much

SARAH said...

@Siobhan- Yes! We are around :-) How about tomorrow afternoon? Do you want to pick Aibha up and then come over here?... Let me know! Also I found the dresses at TJ Maxx (which I never go to). They were a great deal though :-)

nic nie warte czytania said...

cool blog, a tak po za tym nie lubie dzieci