Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This morning you ate Coco Puffs for breakfast because you begged me to buy it for you yesterday.

You chose your own clothes; in fact when we did our school clothes shopping, you knew this would be the shirt you would wear.

You packed your "nigh-nigh" in your backpack because you heard there would be resting time and you said you would need it.

You gladly posed for pictures in front of our home :)

As we drove to school, your excitement grew; I could feel your adrenaline.

Daddy, Gracie, Mason and I all took you to school and walked you into your classroom.  Your teacher was there to greet you.

You walked right over to her, took off your new backpack, and found a seat.  I watched you take a crayon and get right to work.  As I talked to your teacher I tried to take it all in.  The site, smell and energy of the first day of "real" school.  It was so exciting.

Gracie liked seeing your teacher; she'd really been wondering about her.

As I said goodbye, you stood up and ran over to me.  "Big Hug and Kiss, Mommy," you said.  I leaned down and planted one on ya.

And I knew in that moment it's going to be a great year.

I love you with my whole entire 1st heart Maddie-girl. (1st because a couple days ago I said I loved each of you with my whole heart and you determined that I must have 3 hearts; one for each kid :) 


Laura said...

Well thanks for the cry Sar! *sniff sniff* Beautiful

SARAH said...

I know! It's a tear-jerker kind of moment :) So awesome and so sad at the same time!