Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Dear One

 Dearest Gracie,

   Today you are 4 years old.  In some ways I cannot believe it and in others I can.  You have become this little kid; no longer a baby.  I'm so proud of you. 
   You are still incredibly talkative.  Today you got upset that I was "always interrupting" you.  I responded that since "you are always talking, someone's gotta interrupt you sometime."  :)  You didn't like that too much but I thought it was funny! 
   I always think of you as my strong-willed  child.  You are my kid who colors outside of the lines, marches to her own beat, etc.  You move through life without a thought as to what others think of you.  I admire this quality in you.  You are teaching me.
  Which leads me to your outfits.  They are WILD.  You don't pay too much attention to things matching.  Mostly you pick items you love (ie: favorite tank top, skirt, shoes) and you put them all on; without a thought or care as to if they match each other or the weather outdoors.  And heaven help the person who tries to tell you otherwise.  I've learned in the last year that it just isn't worth it.  It's a battle I'm not willing to fight. So, I let you be you out in the world.  And I continue to be so proud. 
   This summer you became a big sister for the first time and you are amazing in this role.  I think deep down it has been hard for you to no longer be the "baby."  But, your Nonnie had a good point.  You will always be my baby girl.  No one can replace you.  You are truly one of kind and I love you completely.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


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beautiful. love this.