Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grace Celeste

February 2013
4.5 years old

 I've been thinking about Grace a lot lately.  She's the middle kid.  In fact, we watched a Brady Bunch episode last night as a family all about Jan being the middle child; how she feels invisible. 

If you know Grace, she is anything but invisible.  Her clothes are always her own choice and they stand out!  It's very Grace-like. 

I don't ever want to be over-looking her.  I can see how it happens; Maddie is really figuring out reading and Mason is on the verge of walking.  So a lot of attention goes to them.  But Grace has incredible qualities and I see them everyday.

She is naturally creative.  She loves drawing and cooking.  She reserves her love; but once she accepts you, her love is very powerful.  The girl is funny.  A silly sense of humor and a language all her own.  She changes clothes at least once a day ( I did this as a child) and she LOVES tights.  Every outfit includes tights.  I love to cuddle her and watch cooking shows on Saturday mornings.  She is the only kid I do this with.  It is on my top 10 list of favorite things to do.  She is an amazing little sister and an equally amazing big sister; she has the best of both worlds.  She has a hard time accepting compliments; she deflects them by acting out in the opposite way.  Many have said she's an "old soul" and I believe this to be true. 

I love her so very much and never want her to feel invisible.  So today, I make a point of seeing her; really seeing her.  And my gratitude for this little girl pours out.


Anonymous said...

Really lovely Sarah :) Gracie is an incredible little girl and very lucky to have you as her Mammy. Love you both! xx Siobhan

Nonnie said...

She is so precious and so are you. We love your Grace stories! Gracie has a special place in my heart and we all know how she and her Grand Jer feel about each other. Thank you for posting the pictures of her creative outfits and her beautiful smile. Miss you all and send our love.

SARAH said...

@Siobhan-Thank you. I know you love her and she loves you so much. xx

@Mom-Thank you for reading and commenting. I love hearing what people think! Love you.

Rachel S. said...

There are some days when I see Grace that I can't believe she is a middle child! Her spirit and your acceptance of it makes her who she truly is. You are lucky to have such an amazing daughter full of life.. what a blessing! And she is lucky to have such a wonderful Mom.

Anonymous said...

Love your post on the "wonder" child.
She is truly unique and I feel so blessed that she is my grandchild and I cherish the time I get to spend with her! (MJ and Maddie too of course!)