Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Mason!!!

Mason James 6-26-13 7:30am
Dearest MJ,

     Today is such a big day for you!  You are one years old and the light of our lives.  You are constantly smiling and your giant, blue eyes are piercing.  Before you born, we always felt like someone was missing from our family.  And then came you.  The perfect finale.  We never even knew how special having a little boy could be, but now we know we could never live without you!
     You are a walking wild child.  Always going from place to place and just now trying out coming down the stairs.  You love your "bubbas", your "nigh-nigh" and your two fingers.  Also, pretzels!  You go to sleep with a smile and wake up always talking and laughing.  You are for-sure a Momma's boy, but I definitely don't mind.
      I love you so very much Mason.  You will always be my baby boy :-)

Love always,


Anonymous said...

Very cute :-) What an adorable little guy he is! Xx Siobhan

Anonymous said...

He is truly a special little boy. His birthday party was really a treat and we had a great time. Love you Mason James!