Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maddie and MJ play music!

IMG 1668(1) from Sarah Mejias on Vimeo.

Today has been quite a day.....and it's only 12:30pm.  It started with Maddie waking up grouchy, me feeling tired after being up at 4am for no reason at all, and MJ carrying around a Dr. Pepper can that eventually exploded all over our kitchen.  This all happened before 8am.  Also, did I mention the cleaning ladies had been here yesterday!!!!  That's how it works in this house. The worst messes always occur on a Tuesday. 

Flash forward to 8:45am.  I have our handy man here to fix our kitchen window and run down the list of all things I'd like done this month.  As I'm heading out the door to take Gracie to camp, the nurse from Maddie's school calls.  She threw up in the gym!  Awesome. 

Today was the last bible study with my group and suddenly after what was already a hellish morning, I had to change all of my plans.  Nothing seemed to be going right. 

I decided to get Maddie and stop at the store for some sustenance.  She seemed fine and to be honest, I think the liquid allergy medicine I had to give her this morning is what really upset her stomach.  Because she seems fine to me.

So, we've been hanging out, playing with the baby, making banana bread and making music.  This day has turned out to be pretty wonderful. 

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