Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So, we've been back from the beach all week and I'm finally able to upload and share the pictures!  We had such great time and I was saying to Gabe that every year certain aspects of traveling with young kids gets easier.  Although, I do think traveling with Mason last year at 7 weeks old was a bit less challenging than at 1 year old.  Let's just say he got a little irritated over being stuck in his car seat for so  long!
This week has been filled with summer camps (Art Camp for Mad's and Kiddie Camp for Gracie) and MJ and I have been doing mountains of laundry and unpacking.  Oh, and chauffeuring the other 2 around :)
We leave for California in 9 days and I can hardly wait.  The other day I was listening to James Taylor and missing my dad.  Then, I drank a cup of coffee in the afternoon and missed my mom.  All of my family has been on my mind a lot lately.  That's not really different than any other time but I think the anticipation of being all together has me hyper aware of how much they all mean to me.  My brother will be home this time too.  The cousins can all be together (which is how we grew up) and I'm just really looking forward to that part of the trip where I can look around and feel loved.  Completely and for who I am; a part of this crazy tribe!

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Anonymous said...

First of all these pics are adorbs. These are such great memories you are creating with your kids, they will always remember these beach trips. And I can't wait for you to come here and for the wonderful awesome exhausting circus to begin!