Monday, August 26, 2013

Seriously......Where is the time going?!?!?!

Okay,  So I haven't blogged in what appears to be forever.... or a month.  Whatever.

There about a million things I want to write about and literally no time.  Or, when I have time, I'd rather do something else, like read, eat or sleep!

We went to California and we've been back for almost a week.  I'm still on the wrong time zone.  I cannot seem to get it together.  Plus, this the last week of summer vacation for us.  Maddie goes to First Grade on Monday.  That is super shocking because I feel pretty sure that I had her yesterday ;-)

Gracie will go to Jr. Kinder this year.  I'm not quite ready to send her off into the great big world.  And MJ will be with usual.  Next year, he will start "school" a few mornings a week.

Our trip home was wonderful, exhausting, fun, hard, peaceful and hectic all at once.  Let's just say traveling with 3 kids (where one is a STRONG WILLED TODDLER) is not for the weak.  It felt like a triathlon.  

I think I'm also tired because I have a lot on my mind lately.  Family things.  Career ideas.  Plans for our lives.  Ya know....the small stuff!  HA.  So, there is a lot in the works and nothing to speak of yet.  But, if you're a praying person, please pray for Gabe and I.  We are ready for God's next adventure for us ;-)


I love EVERY one of these pictures so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, and I have a zillion more to share :)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS! Make your vision board mama!