Monday, September 8, 2014

Grace's 6th Birthday!

Dear Gracie Girl,

   Today is your 6th birthday and I'm simply intrigued by you.  You are unlike anyone I've ever met and for that, I am grateful.  As your mom, I've learned that if I compliment you on your behavior, you immediately change it.  Also, if I say the best way to go is left, you will demand we go right.  You have always had this quality; of being contrary.  It is so different from how I am, but that is how you are and it teaches me.  You've shown me that I don't have everything figured out.  You also show me how to laugh when life is too silly.  Your style and sense of fashion is impeccable and truly original.  One funny story is that for your 6th birthday you are completely adamant that you don't want cake.  Tonight for your birthday dessert, you went out for frozen yogurt with your Dad.  On the day of your party in 2 weeks, you requested that we serve brownies.  The truth about you, Grace, is that you always surprise me.

  You started Kindergarten a week ago today and I believe you already have it all figured out.  You continue to be a light in our home and to amaze me at your bravery.

  I love you so much my sweet baby girl.


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Anonymous said...

Your post has Gracie down to a tee and I loved it. The picture is perfect as well. She is truly unique and I love her so.