Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life....and the First Day of School

So, life has been hectic; and not always in a good way.  My grandmother passed away this summer and my dear cousin, Bryan, had a terrible accident and is now paralyzed.  So, the summer has been hard.  Very hard.  And to be honest, very emotional.  Some of those emotions have felt good though because they made me feel more in touch with myself.  Others were difficult because they expressed pain over people I love and loved.

But, the saying is true that "life goes on" and for us it has.  I decided this was the school year to go back to work.  I've spent a lot of time this summer preparing for today actually.  I had my first day of work in 8 years today!  And it was AMAZING!  I love my classroom, my assistant, the school and the busyness.  It felt good to be reminded that I am good at something other than being a mom.  That is a neat feeling.

The girls started school today as well.  Maddie entered Second grade and Gracie started Kindergarten.  They were both up at 6:15am, dressed and brushing their hair.  It was a pretty easy morning.

Tomorrow is a new day and that's how I'm living at the moment; in the moment and day by day.  But today I am smiling.  And so are they.

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