Monday, February 2, 2015

day 13


Today was monumental.  It was the day MJ finally realized he needed to go potty in the potty and the same day my mom lost her mind ;)  

MJ has been trying and trying, but tonight something clicked about feeling like he needed to go and going.  It was awesome and we were all applauding him and yelling happy words while doling out     M&M's.  He was thrilled.

Then I went downstairs where my mom was making salad.  She looked at me 100% seriously and asked "Have you seen the avocado?!"  I thought she was kidding.  Until I realized she wasn't.  So I grabbed my phone to snap the pic to remember the moment she lost it.  

It was literally NEXT TO HER HANDS!  Hilarious and a good way to end a Monday!

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