Tuesday, February 17, 2015

day 26 and day 27

Really these pics are from today because yesterday was just a tired, relaxed day.  Not always a lot to share on a sleepy Sunday.  But today we went to Oakland to see Aunt Lizzy, Uncle Justin and of course, Mac.  These 4 kiddos sort of live for the weekends when they all get to be together.  It makes my heart smile.

Today we went to the Oakland Zoo and had a blast.  I am realizing that I used to feel sort of "ugh, what do I do with these kids when there's no school?!?!?" and lately I feel the opposite.  I love when there's no school and we have no where to be and we are just together.  We can take it easy and go with the flow.  And on a deep level, I keep asking myself, "Isn't THIS what it's all about?!"  And I feel my head nodding, "yes.  yes it is."


*The Girls were with me today, but Maddie got grumpy and Grace got defiant, so, only MJ can be seen!!! :)

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