Sunday, December 16, 2007

GameDay/Family Day

Hello All,
We are having a nice quiet Sunday at home together. We ran errands this morning (Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Safeway) for new sheets (to help with Gabe's sleeping prob.'s) and ingredients for my chili that is cooking in the crock pot as I blog. Yesterday, Gabe worked his booty off (biggest retail day of the year for Dog School) and Maddie and I hung out and watched the treadmill assembly guy put the new treadmill together. Yeah! Can't wait to use it tomorrow! So, it's chili and cornbread for dinner and then maybe watch a movie-well, I'll watch a movie and Gabe will be watching the Redskins. Oh, did I mention that this morning when we were out running errands, he dressed Maddie in her Redskins sweater/jacket and that he was in a matching shirt? Here's the picture just so you can see what I see :) We leave for CA in a few days and we're so excited. We've started doing the laundry and packing.


Anonymous said...

this is a cute picture...go Redskins!! Did they win? We didn't watch any football yesterday. I love that they have matching outfits and matching #1 fan expressions! Too cute!! Hope you had a nice weekend and are ready for your travels to CA, I know you will have the best time there! We'll miss you guys here, make sure you post pictures from Christmas and CA in general!!! Love, Lex

Anonymous said...

Hi there :) They look sooo cute. Greg ejoyed the game and the fact that they Redskins won inspite of freezing...chilly!! We're really enjoying a very nice relaxing time. The most stressful times are mealtimes with Aibha..manic and then things are great again once we're fed. She loved Macy's Santaland and FAO SChwartz (I htought we'd never get out of there ) lol Safe trip and look forward to reading all about it. xxx

SARAH said...

Thanks for commenting Girls. Lex, we'll have fun in CA and yes the Redskins won! It was a very big deal in our household :) Siobhan, I'm glad to hear you're having a good time in NY. I was thinking about you on Sunday on the train. Mealtimes are hard no matter where I am, and I can only imagine it traveling with a 2 year old! You're brave-remember, you do everything before me and then I can learn from you :) I'll post from CA, so check back!