Sunday, December 30, 2007

Early, Early Morning...

being silly with Daddy

rear view

being wild with Tuck (look at her little curls :)

Yes, it's true that I'm posting at 6:50am on a Sunday :( Gabe went to stock the store early and was trying to be sooooooooo quiet as he shut the front door; but immediately, she started crying to let me know that she's done with this sleeping thing. Oh, and by the way, it was only 5:45am at that point. So, we're up and Teletubbies are on and her snack is keeping her happy, and I can blog. Today should be cold and rainy here-we'll just stay in doors, thank you very much. Probably web-cam-it a few times with the fam :) But, Gabe, is heading to the Redskins game. He's very excited and I told him I'll even try to watch at least half of the game; that made him happy. The picture above is from last night. Maddie got a new pj outfit from Nonnie and Grand Jer and it's too cute. That's what the pic is. She was so funny last night because the feet of the pj's have little sticky treads on the bottom and when she walks on the hardwood, it sort of sticks and she just cannot figure it out. I told Gabe I need to video tape it because it would be fun to watch with her when she's older. Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve and then it sort of feels like life can get back to normal. Holidays really mess me up with days and time. I feel like everything's a blur and that I never know what day it is. You probably feel the same. So, that's all that's happening here currently. We're well and ready for the week.


Mama Lex said...

so glad you are all feeling better! I hope you have been able to relax a bit too. Love Maddie's new jams, personalized and everything! Let's see when we can get together soon! Hope you and Gabe have a really fun night out tomorrow night, you deserve it. Andy and I had a date last night- I blogged about it too :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just love your little family! You are a great family!!
...just wanted to shed some love and happiness over you three :)
-Kirstie (yes, I know this has nothing to do with your post...)

SARAH said...

Thanks for commenting Kirst and Lex! Thank you for the sweet comments :)