Friday, December 28, 2007

We're alive!

Hello All,
Sorry it's taken so long, but we are finally on the mend and feeling more like ourselves. Maddie is DEFINITELY teething though, so we're still dealing with a cranky baby lots of the time. We've been laying low and getting rest and now we're better. Today is my Mom and Jer's wedding anniversary and it's also Gabe's Mom, Sandy's, birthday. So, lot's to celebrate today! This weekend doesn't really have any plans for Maddie and I, but Gabe is going to the Redskins game on Sunday. He's excited and then New Year's Eve we are going to this restaurant in DC that we went to a couple of years ago. It's sort of a piano bar/restaurant with great food. We made a reservation and we're excited because as you all know this holiday season has not gone according to plan! So, now we have something to look forward to. Yeah :)


Carrie said...

Hey Sarah,
I'm so, so, sorry about Maddie. I'm just glad she's ok and you two are also. I have been in that terrible place where you just can't help her and it is horrible. Ear infections are the worst. Tay has had 3 now and each time it was when teeth came in. But it seems like things are better now thank God. I was really looking forward to seeing you. She is so beautiful. I hope I'll get to see you both this summer if you come out. I miss you more then you know. Love, Carrie

SARAH said...

Thanks Carrie. It was terrible, but now the memory of it all is fading and hopefully I won't be too anxious to get back on a plane with her :) We don't have a trip back to CA planned yet, but I'm sure we'll be there in either spring or summer. I'll let you know. Thanks for emailing those pic's of Taylor-she's becomming such a big girl :) Very cute. Miss you tons and take care! Happy New Year!!