Monday, June 16, 2008

Potty time

I know I need to post about Father's Day and about Lizzy and Justin's visit last week, but since I only have a minute, I have to tell you that a few minutes ago before I gave Maddie her bath, I asked her if she wanted to sit on her potty. She got on it, with her diaper on and I took it off and told her to try.

And, she did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it. She was so proud and she kept trying to go more even when she was done. It was so cute. So, maybe potty training is upon us. It could also be a fluke, but I'll go with it for now. Yeah for Maddie :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Congrats Maddie!!! She's getting ready to be the big girl of the family. So even if it is fluke it's a step in the right direction. Congrats Sarah on keeping calm, cool, and collected. I'm sure that helped. Talk soon,
xx Siobhan

Anonymous said...

Wow that's crazy! I guess all of that diaper taking off and watching Elmo go potty has really meant something. Tell her Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Justy already miss her a ton. And of course we miss you and Gabe and baby Grace. Thanks for everything! We loved being a part of your lives for a week!

Anonymous said...

Now I know I am totally insane regarding this child since I had to call numerous people to tell them this news! Tell her Grammy is very proud of her!
Grandma Sandy

SARAH said...

Gabe and I were so excited for her and as you can see from today's post, she's really working on it. It's a fun, new challenge and I think the fact that I was so nonchalant about it, really helped her see that it's not stressful. Hopefully it will stick :)