Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "Run In"

It's been a pretty busy week so far. We had our new stove delivered yesterday (love it!) and right now some men are power washing the house. Our garden is planted and the new grill has already been put to good use. Gabe says that "things are really starting to come together around here;" good thing it only took us 3 years!
But, to get to the point of my post. Today I experienced a "run in." If you know me, you may know that I don't really love to run into people when I'm out doing errands, etc. Not sure why. I'm weird, but most of you know that too. So, Grace and I had just dropped Maddie off at school and we needed to go to a store to get some jean shorts and a white shirt for Maddie to wear at her last day of school next week (she's in a performance and this is what they asked her to wear). There I was sitting out in front of the store waiting for it to open with Grace happy in the stroller. Two women came up behind us and were waiting while also carrying on a conversation. Their convo has something about Chick 1's hair at the center of it and Chick 2 is complimenting her relentlessly. At this point they see Grace and then they sort of round the corner to see me. Suddenly we realize that all of our kids are in the same class at school. I've talked to Chick 1 before (several times and have made attempts to have our girls play together since they seem to love each other-hasn't ever happened) but never to Chick 2. She always seemed "out there" and really into talking to others about her work out habits and homemade chips. Can you tell we have nothing in common??? So, we made quick, small talk and then went on our separate ways into the store.
I wasn't uncomfortable while we were talking, but after some thought, I am. I started to think "they're weird." But, then I had an epiphany. I'm weird! I like to keep to myself (just me and my baby). I don't like to have long convo's about my hair or anyone else's for that matter. I realized that they are both out of baby mode (their youngest are Maddie's age), well into their mid-thirties, and they are just a different kind of mom than me. To give a clearer picture, these are the same two Chicks I overheard at drop off one morning telling each other how they were going to the gym that night, but maybe they would tell there husbands they were going to the gym but not really go. They would go out together instead. I remember thinking, "Can't you tell your husband the truth? That you want to see a friend rather than work out?" Bizarre. So, I think that I originally felt weird because I felt like they are a clique and I don't fit in. But then, after thinking about it more I've realized that I'm not interested in being a member of a group that focuses on working out, hair dilemmas and husband trickery. I'm good on my own :)


Siobhan said...

You most definitely are!! I'm glad you realize that. So I won't tell you that I'm thinking of cutting my hair or that I haven't found the magical workout that will make me look like you ;) I'll just say Aisling's screaming and Aibha's hungry. Welcome to the world of the young mom...It's not weird. It's life and you're comfortable with what you have and are happy. It's those ladies who I feel sorry for because they're obviously not fulfilled or happy in the lives. Well enough of my rant. I'm sure I could think of alot more to say on the subject but I don't have time. :) I'm glad you're happy, it makes me happy! xx

Laura said...

Haha This is why we are friends... I'm the same way!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm the same way and will go out of my way to pretend I don't see people or go down a different aisle at the supermarket to avoid small talk with people. Now I have a name for these encounters. "the run-ins!" I like it! and will continue to avoid "RUN-INS" if at all possible. Thanks for the new vocabulary.
Love ya,