Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Maddie

Today I watched you from my car as you played at the playground at school. You looked so independent; running from here to there, your curls bouncing in the wind. You climbed some wooden steps over and over so that you could slide down a big yellow slide with a huge grin on your face. It took my breath away and made me cry. I cried because of how much I love you. Because of you I have been forever changed. You are the first person to make me a mom and I'm so thankful for that. It was your last day of your first year of preschool today and my heart cannot take it. You are such a big girl but still my baby at the same time. I feel overwhelmed with how much you've grown in 9 months; how much you've learned. Right now you love to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and you request that I clap when you've finished. You talk in the 3rd person all the time. You always ask me to "huzzle" you while holding your nigh-nigh. Your favorite book is "Everyone Poops" and you have amazing manners. I could not be more proud of you nor could I love you more. You are my little "bug" and my heart.


Anonymous said...

Ah this is so sweet. She will be happy to read it when she is older. You are such a great mom.
love ya,

Siobhan said...

Gorgeous Sarah. She'll love it and so will you when you look back and read this entry together. Congratulations on your little big girl and the wonderful job you're doing in raising her. She's adorable. Much love and huzzles to you all xx

Mom aka Nonnie said...

Okay so now I am crying. Elisabeth's bed if full of photos as I've been looking through them over the past several days working on pulling photos together for a talk I was giving. I looked at so many photos of you, Daniel and Elisabeth at some of the same ages that your babies are now. My overwhelming thought was how fast the time has gone and how grateful I am for having been given the opportunity to be a mom to the three of you. I'm not sure I was as grateful for the experience during the years you were with me, and for that I do feel sadness and regret. It brings such joy to me to read your words to Maddie because you get it now - the joy, love and the responsibility of having the privilege to raise children. What I know is that because of your consciousness about what is truly important, Maddie and Grace are so blessed and so are you. To know every day that you are doing God's work by selflessly loving your girls is the best gift of all. Keep taking pictures of them and thirty years from now you will have the opportunity to revisit these days and you will be amazed. I love you so much - MOM