Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Sorrow to Joy

A friend of mine confided in me that her husband was going to attend his first meeting last night. I was thrilled for them.

See, when Gabe first started going to meetings, I had no idea the miracles that would soon follow. I thought it was a life sentence; a change that he would have to make but one that wouldn't affect me too much. Well, I was totally wrong and I'm so thankful for that!

Yesterday I decided I needed to pray for this couple and especially this man who was about to start on the journey that is recovery. As I prayed, I began to cry. I was immediately taken back to that April night when Gabe came clean (pun intended). I remembered how scared, alone, angry and embarrassed I felt. I remembered thinking that my marriage was over and that I would now be having this baby on my own (I was 5 months pregnant with Grace). Then, I remember having a feeling that I would be okay; that we would be okay. I can't explain the sense of calm that I had. I felt that my love for Gabe was stronger than addiction and I was willing if he was.

The next few months after that night were a whirlwind of meetings, sponsorship, church services, doctor appointments...etc. It hit me as I was praying yesterday that I've lived and seen a miracle occur in front of my eyes. I've watched a man come to sobriety and in turn, come to God. The fact that he has stayed sober for 16 months now is no accident. It's hard work. It takes a lot of time and I firmly believe it takes God. No person is strong enough on their own. So, yesterday I was realizing how completely grateful I am and how much I take Gabe's sobriety for granted. He makes it look so easy when at times it has been so hard. I'm amazed by him, but also by God. Looking back on that night and all that I thought I had lost was really just the introduction to all that I would gain.

"...to Him be the glory..." Ephesians 3:21


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sarah! Congratulations to both you and Gabe and I'll pray for your friend also. xxx Siobhan

Anonymous said...

...and the lesson that you clearly illustrate is that it you count it as gain for Him. Sarah, so proud of both of you for your committment to each other and to God. I know that it's a day to day thing and that none of us can take our relationships for granted, but by placing Christ at the center of your relationship, you and Gabe are providing a great example for others that wrestle with the daily "grind" (and blessings) afforded by marriage.

You guys ROCK!!