Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10

Today we had to get out of the house. The weather has changed again and it's beautiful out. Windy, yes, but nice just the same. We headed off to a local park so the girls could run out some of their energy. I noticed something today. It's a lot of fun to take them to the park at their ages. They play together! Maddie is always sort of weary of the park; she's fearful for some reason. Grace is completely opposite. She explores, wanders, climbs and observes. She loved it and it gave me the feeling that we'll be spending a lot more time there :)


Anonymous said...

Love the matching hoodies!

Mom aka Nonnie said...

So precious - good for you. What is it about being outside that kids love so much? Such a nice mommy you are. Thanks for posting pictures everyday. I love seeing what you are all up to. Love to all - mom