Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 9

Today has been a long one! For some reason it seemed to drag on and I'm sure that's because Maddie is coughing A LOT (which is stressful for us b/c of her asthma) and Grace has been, um, busy. She's into EVERYTHING. It feels like you cannot sit down without her creating another mess to clean up. It's her age and she's exploring, but sometimes it makes the day feel long. Despite that, I caught 2 pictures of my beauties today :)

*From Top to Bottom: Birthmark, & Lashes


Anonymous said...

So precious. I hope Maddie's cough gets better and you aren't too stressed about it.
Love ya.

SARAH said...

@Elisabeth, Thank you :) Her cough was much better today which helps me feel less on edge. In Grace's pic, can you see her birthmark? I felt like maybe people wouldn't see why I named it that... but who am I kidding-you and Justin are my only readers ;-)