Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 4

We made it! Today we drove and the girls were awesome; for all 4+ hours of it. It's Dog Show weekend here, so hopefully I'll post with some good news. Gabe's trying to finish 2 dogs this weekend so wish him luck!

*From Top to Bottom: Stuff, Inside Joke, Self Portrait, Destination, & Only in VA


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the company on the drive. Love ya:) Great shots BTW!


Aunt Justin said...

Nice pics, though picture 3 looks dangerous. Who was driving when you took the picture?

I also enjoyed the last picture: it looks the Washington Monument of cancer sticks.

Anonymous said...

I love this whole picture idea :) Glad you got there safely and soundly. And now that the girls are grown and could survive that journey, Ireland is only a hop, skip and a jump away ;) Monday sounds great to me but see how you're doing after your trip back. Have fun! xx Siobhan

SARAH said...

@Aunt Justin-I finally got the Bojangles joke! Gabe's been but not me. He seconds your emotion on the biscuits! I wasn't driving, just a passenger, so my photographing really wasn't dangerous :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun family trip! Enjoy!
PS: I love that my husband complains that he is Aunt Justin and now signs in as that. Those who don't know him must think he is nuts.... hmmm so do those who do know him ;)