Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

taking a walk (albeit a short one)

Washington Monument

Maddie (very bundled)

Well, it's here-2008. How crazy. Can't believe that this is the year that I'm turning 30!!! Very strange, but at the same time it seems appropriate. I mean, I'm a wife, mom, dog owner, home owner, car owner, etc. and that seems about right for a 30 year old :) So, our New Years Eve was very mellow. Maddie went to Sandy and Carlos' for a few hours while Gabe and I changed our plans and went to have awesome Thai food. We picked Maddie up at 8pm (she was still awake) and took her home, put her to bed and then got in bed to read/watch tv. Didn't make it to midnight-wasn't even trying-because that would just make for a really long, exhausted day the next morning. We spent yesterday hanging out and then I pretty much demanded we go take a walk by the river, where you can see the monuments in DC. Well, Gabe wasn't too interested because he said it was too cold, but I didn't believe him and pointed out that we can bundle up-we'll live. So, we did...and we only lasted about 15 minutes, tops :) I told Gabe he was right, it's way to cold to be out. We went and got sandwiches and then stopped at Dog School (it was closed) to feed the kitties and that was Maddie's highlight of her day!!! She is in love with those kittens. They are so sweet with her and she just chased them up and down the aisles of the store. It was sort of like watching every kids dream to be locked in a store when it's closed and you can do whatever you want; Maddie got to live that :) Today, life is back to normal with Gabe at work (early), and Maddie and I here hanging out. The forecast for today is only a high of 37 degrees so I think we'll be staying in. Our house get's cleaned today-and it really needs it. Especially since all the sicknesses. Looking forward to next week when Gymboree is back open-it's a nice place to go play when it's this cold. Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I finally caught up on the blog! Love all the pictures of our baby! The pjs look like they just fit her. Hopefully, she will be able to wear them awhile.
I still can't believe how the holidays turned out! I'm so happy to have the video cam though so at least I can see your smiling face and Maddie and Gabe too! Love that technology! It's funny though, I haven't been checking the blog because I've been "seeing" you instead!! Love you so much - MOM

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun first day of the year. Love the pics. Not all of us can "see" u anytime unlike Nonnie.

SARAH said...

Lizzy you're so funny. Get a web cam for your own self so you can join in the fun :)