Sunday, January 6, 2008


Tucker & Zora = true love

that tongue means she's thinking...
and concentrating on her next move!

Dad, Elisabeth and Jer walking down the aisle :)

Today is a special day. One year ago today, my sister Elisabeth married her husband Justin in San Francisco. It was such a beautiful wedding and so much fun to have it in San Francisco. Lot's of great memories and so surprised that a year has flown by that quickly. Maddie was only 3 months old at the wedding and could barely hold her own head up! Now she runs and says "no" all the time-big difference :) So, today should be a fun day here. I'm heading to church and then off to see a movie by myself. I'm going to see " Juno" because I've heard great things about it. I'll let you all know what I think. They have a matinee at 11:25am, so I'll head there straight from church and Gabe and the baby are going to spend quality time together :) They have big plans to go to the grocery store. The Redskins lost last night, which made Gabe sad, but I'm glad that's over. I just don't share the passion for football that he has. The only other news is that I've planned a trip back to California in March. Maddie and I will be going for 15 days :) and I'm really excited. Gabe will fly with us there and stay for that first weekend and then come back to go do a dog show for a week in North Carolina. Then, when we leave CA, my sister is flying with Maddie and I and spending a weekend with us. Can you tell I'm chicken to fly alone with her again after what happened last time? We figure that this flight can never be worse than what happened...right? I'll be spending my 30th birthday as well as Easter in CA, but that's okay because if I was here, I'd be spending here alone in my house because Gabe would be out of town. So, this way I can be with my fam. Should be fun. Just wanted to post a couple of pic's I've taken that last few days. Can you tell that our dogs are in love with eachother?


Mama Lex said...

Miss ya Sar! We were cruisin your neck of the woods this weekend, checking out apartments. Looks like we could be on the move very soon. There's an offer on the house. If you see any good rentals around the area let me know!!! Let's get together this weekend if you can! Would love to visit with you all! I'll give you a call tomorrow. Hope you had a nice day and a good night. Tell Gabe we were sad that the Redskins lost too, seriously! Love, Lex

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, thanks for the shout out! We had a great anniversary. Can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of months!
Aunt Lizzy